Involvement of Parents in their Children’s Academic Achievement

involvement of parents in their children's academic achievement. "Education begins at home", meanwhile parents and the school shares the responsibility to socialize and educate children. The teachers play active roles because they spend more time with the students but the role of the parents cannot be sidelined. 1. enrol your child in the best school of your choice 2. follow up the school calendar 3. motivate your child 4. accept the result the way it comes. You may want to ask "what do I stand to gain if I'm involved in my child's performance in school? After all, teachers are being paid to do that...." Well, research has shown that regardless of parents’ income and educational background, their involvement in education helps their kids do better in and out of school. Here are some of the benefits : 1. quality education 2. confidence 3. higher grades 4. good behaviour Involvement is easy and the benefits are amazing. So what are you waiting for? You don't need hundreds of hours in a year to play your role. That few hours in a week can go a long way, every little bit counts

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