After a hard day at work or at school, over stressing trying to get the things done, thinking of solutions to recent problems and solutions to problems that have not even surfaced. The need to cater for everybody that surrounds you, a sense of responsibility, a leadership role, what to do and what not to do, when and where, how and how not, fear of not being perfect clouds my thought. Can I relax?
Oh no, I’m a mother with three kids! I can’t afford not to wake up early to prepare them for school! Temi would definitely freak out if I don’t get the cereals he can’t do without, how will I fix katherine’s uniform? She has two uniforms but she insisted on wearing the one that needs fixing! Danny has been crying non stop can’t blame him he’s just a year old….. Guess what! I’m a wife too!! I can’t possibly neglect my husband with the excuse of taking care of the kids, especially not when my husband loves early morning massage! My boss has been pestering me on the project I was handling!. I’m freaking out! How can I take time to relax with my kids and just have some fun???.

The best remedy to overcome being overwhelmed is to go on a VACATION. How interesting and thoughtful!

A very relaxing vacation is just what you need with your family. A getaway from everything, a family holiday retreat, something to get you back on track. Apart from the fact that it’ll be refreshing, it’ll also be an avenue to bond with your family, catch up on things that has been going on that you are not aware of. Trust me while you were busy baking those pies and getting the kids in the shower, a lot has happened.

There are interesting places that would stupify you, places with recreational activities that would keep the kids dancing and the adults on their toes. Savannah Adventures, natural reserves, the ocean, waterfalls, sculptures, diving, exotic trees, refreshing scenery, shopping stores, cinema, resturant with divers delicacies, resorts, recreation park, garden features and various range of entertainment options that suits any taste and budget. A perfect atmosphere to bond with nature and family.

A lifetime opportunity and experience for your kids. It will broaden their knowledge, teach them to appreciate nature and also to reassure them that they are loved and should also learn to love others regardless of their status. It will encourage them to be open-minded, respectful, humble, giving and appreciative for what they have and what they are enjoying. This vacation will also be an opportunity to socialize, meet new people, make friends. As for mummy and daddy, it’ll be a second honeymoon! wink.

The effect of this vacation will be etched in your heart forever and it will commemorate the love and connection in your family. After this vacation, you’ll feel like a brand new person ready to take things one at a time, you would have gained new insight on how to handle situations and grateful for the lovely family you have.

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