Why can’t this child learn?

Ade is in one of the best schools in Nigeria. Great teachers, good environment and adequate facilities but Ade is 10 years and he is still in Primary 2
What do you think is wrong with Ade?

Learning disabilities (LD) are from two words.

“Learning” and “Disabilities”

Of all the definitions of LD, the Individual with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is my favourite. IDEA defined LD as “those children who have a disorder in one or more of the basic psychological processes involved in understanding or in using language, spoken or written, which disorder may manifest itself in imperfect ability to listen, think, speak, read, write, spell, or to do mathematical calculations. The term includes such conditions as perceptual handicaps, brain injury, minimal brain dysfunction, dyslexia, and developmental aphasia. The term does not include a learning problem which is primarily the result of visual, hearing, or motor handicaps, of mental retardation, of emotional disturbance, or of environmental, cultural, or economic disadvantageā€.

A very bulky definition but here are the key words:

  1. Disorder in one or more of the basic psychological processes
  2. Difficulty in Learning
  3. Not primarily due to other causes
  4. Severe discrepancy between potential for learning and level of achievement

Characteristics of Learning disabilities include:

Attention problem

Perceptual and information processing problems Poor language skills

Reading problems

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